Audit Event Keeper Plugin

Sound management & archiving of audit events in SailPoint IdentityIQ – Made by ITConcepts

Audit Event Keeper Plugin for SailPoint IdentityIQ

The “Audit Event Keeper” plugin by ITConcepts facilitates the management of audit events in accordance with the unique requirements of each individual. With this plugin, audit events in IdentityIQ (IIQ) can be managed and archived in an appropriate manner.
The Audit Keeper plugin by ITConcepts offers support with the management of IdentityIQ audit events, including the following functionalities:

  • Deletion or archiving of old audit events
  • Ability to define how many entries are to be stored and how long the individual entries must remain visible
  • Ability to apply settings for each audit event type
  • A detailed view is available for each audit event type

Over time, the audio table can grow to an enormous size. While some audit events must be stored for compliance reasons, others are purely technical and can be deleted after a certain period of time. Which audit events are to be stored and for how long is very much customer-specific and depends on a very wide range of factors.





ITConcepts Switzerland


SailPoint IdentityIQ at least Version 7

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