2020 Gartner Report “Critical Capabilities for IT Service Management Tools”

Learn how Gartner rates the 11 ITSM vendors

Also, find out why BMC Helix has the highest score for Advanced-Maturity I&O and Agile and DevOps support.

When your infrastructure and operations (I&O) team is exposed to a variety of ITSM requirements, you need a consistent and powerful solution. In the Gartner IT Service Management Tools Key Features for 2020 report, Gartner evaluated precisely these important aspects of ITSM capabilities among the 11 vendors eligible to participate in the study.

Also learn the following in the Gartner report:

  • Why BMC scores best in Advanced-Maturity I&O (3.82/5) and Agile & DevOps Support (3.66/5) use cases.
  • This makes use cases rather than the size of an organization a key factor in your ITSM decision.
  • The need for intelligent automation to improve overall effectiveness, efficiency and error reduction for I&O staff.
  • The importance of integrating with DevOps and supporting agile workflows for ITSM.
  • The valuation comparison of the most important key functions.

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