ITConcepts becomes first Evolveum midPoint-Gold Partner in Switzerland

International software developer Evolveum, known for its leading open source identity and access management (IAM) software, has named us as a Gold Partner in March 2019.

Evolveum midPoint is the best open source identity management platform available on the market. The company’s vision is to dramatically improve the Identity and Access Management (IAM) area by developing and maintaining state-of-the-art professional open source products.

“We appreciate the intensive cooperation of ITConcepts who help us to spread midPoint in the world. We are thankful for your active approach and fully understanding of midPoint character including the open source environment ensuring timeless evolving of the product and helping companies to stay secure, organized and focused on their business needs.”

MidPoint is equipped with various features, of which we have selected the 6 most important ones:

1. Identity management

Reduce risk and dangers by giving you the ability to determine and control how identity information is used, stored and shared.

2. Audit

A feedback mechanism to check important actions in the system, e.g. when users have access to systems.

3. Organizational structure

MidPoint has implemented a very flexible organizational structure model. It not only supports hierarchical organizational structures but can also accommodate other organizational structure types.

4. Authorization Management

Allows your authorized internal and external users secure access to specific passwords. Generate secure, unique passwords for users and resources.

5. Workflow

MidPoint is able to postpone selected actions (such as role assignment) until approved by the appropriate authorities.

6. Authorization management

Specify the resources that your users can access. Assign some roles to the users and manage them as groups, projects, units, or other forms suitable for you.

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