ITConcepts is expanding its competency portfolio to include Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

The Swiss IT system integrator, ITConcepts, is expanding its portfolio for SMEs. It adopts the SIAM approach, also known as Multi-Provider Management (MPM), and will become 4me’s exclusive partner in Switzerland.

The digitalisation of IT leads to an increase not only in automation and cloud services, but also in Multi-Provider Management (MPM). Increasingly, companies are specialising in their core competencies, while technical operations are mainly run by various external specialists. Contracts with a single provider and of long duration are no longer tenable. Given the rising number of external providers, it is important to coordinate their services exactly, as well as clearly defining, measuring and controlling roles and processes at a tactical and operational level.

It is particularly crucial for SMEs to organise their IT efficiently and with an eye on budgetary concerns. For this reason, ITConcepts is building on the trend for Service Integration and Management (SIAM) for its medium-sized customers, and is creating a partnership with 4me.

SIAM or Multi-Provider Management is a holistic approach, in order, across multiple suppliers, not only to provide services, but also to track them and measure their performance. 4me allows internal and external service-providers to cooperate seamlessly with the organisation, while the service level provided by each participant can be tracked in real time. The unique service features, which 4me provides for service integration and management, hugely improve success in service outsourcing.

“SIAM is starting to be recognised in Switzerland. Companies are becoming more intelligent and selective when it comes to outsourcing. It is great to have SIAM as a methodology which interfaces wirelessly with ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), but, unless there is a supporting software solution, it all remains in the realm of theory. 4me is the perfect solution for dynamic and forward-looking companies that want to simplify cooperation with their service providers and make it more transparent,” says Christian Gerber, Director of Sales and Marketing at ITConcepts. “We continue to serve our enterprise customers very successfully with BMC Helix ITSM, which may be purchased both on-premises, and as a cloud-based solution.”

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