ITConcepts publishes ITC Role Identity Viewer plugin for SailPoint IdentityIQ

The “ITC Role Identity Viewer” plugin from ITConcepts supports users of SailPoint IdentityIQ (IIQ) with a clear display of information regarding roles, permissions, and individuals. Roles are represented according to the role model and display a “target” state. To enable efficient interrogation, the connections between people and roles as well as between roles and permissions are arranged in separate tables. This provides clear additional information which, without this plugin, would have to be compiled in SailPoint IIQ in a more complex way, using reports or advanced analysis. This additional information can be very helpful in optimising role models.

With the plugin, data regarding roles, permissions and data cannot be altered. Supervisors who only require information to recertify an employee, for example, can read all the relevant data with the plugin.

They will not need extended IIQ capabilities such as the role editor.

The plugin offers the option of removing assigned roles from employees or adding new roles directly in the roles and persons view. The same authorisations apply here as for Request Access.

You can also configure the plugin so that only roles that the user can assign can be removed.

The roles, permissions and individuals can be exported directly from the plugin using Customer Report for further analysis.

The ‘ITC Role Identity Viewer’ plugin is compatible with SailPoint IdentityIQ from version 7.2.

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