ITSM reinvented – 4me!

Which product is best suited to support SIAM?

We at ITConcepts are thrilled with 4me. Relatively short implementation time (even in complex environments), enormous performance and fair “pricing” are only some of the reasons for this. 4me was developed explicitly for multi-provider management, also called SIAM.

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What is the advantage of 4me over other ITSM solutions?

In essence, 4me is an ITSM (IT Service Management) application. The ITSM functionality provided by 4me is used by enterprises, government agencies and managed service providers (MSPs) to improve the efficiency and quality of their ITIL practices.

And this is where the supplement to classic ITSM comes into play:

  1. However, 4me is also an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) application that enables all internal departments such as IT, HR and Infrastructure to collaborate seamlessly with each other.
  2. 4me also enables you to work with managed service providers who take over individual services.

4me therefore enables seamless collaboration between internal and external service providers of an organisation and provides real-time insight into the service level of each individual service provider. The intuitive and modern interface makes the tool really fun!

Besides supporting ITIL processes, 4me also offers fully integrated knowledge management, time tracking and project management functions. For company employees, 4me is a self-service app that is always there for them when they need help.

The following functionalities are integrated in the core of 4me:

  • Self-service
  • Virtual agent
  • Knowledge management
  • Service request & incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Release management
  • Service level management
  • Service configuration & IT asset management
  • Continuity of service management

These core capabilities are complemented by several features for organisations with advanced requirements that go beyond traditional service management capabilities:

  • Portfolio management
  • Project management
  • Resource planning
  • Time recording
  • Financial management
  • Risk management

First-class service management functions should be affordable for all companies with mature requirements, regardless of their size. 4me is suitable for companies of any size thanks to its flexible pricing model.

Key benefits

  • Simple setup (cloud solution): provided in a short time – on average 1h/provider!
  • 100% transparency of the performance of all service providers – in real time
  • Improved collaboration of all service providers internally and externally
  • Seamless integration with other service providers without developing expensive interfaces
  • Includes a full CMDB (Configuration Management Database)

Success Story

Read here how quickly and easily Glenfis implemented together with ITConcepts.


If you work with internal and external service providers and want seamless collaboration with them, 4me is the perfect solution. Intuitive interface and many additional functions leave nothing to be desired. With SIAM and 4me your future in ITSM is secured!

Contact us without any obligation if you have any questions or if you would like us to demonstrate this tool to you.

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