Realtime-Connector for SWITCH edu-ID

Realtime-Connector for SWITCH edu-ID

The edu-ID is a unique and lifelong digital identity that is offered by SWITCH for every user in Switzerland’s tertiary education system. This includes, for example, students, university staff, graduates, researchers, learners, those in further education, etc. The SWITCH edu-ID is designed for secure and worldwide use.

Advantages for users

  • A single identity for all services in the Swiss tertiary education environment, regardless of the organisation (high schools, universities, specialist high schools, etc.)
  • Access to national and international academic web content
  • The identity is life-long
  • The user controls the content and scope of their own identity

Thanks to its technical structure, edu-ID supports new forms of knowledge transfer with better integration into everyday life. Thanks to its lifelong validity, the user-centred edu-ID meets the requirements of lifelong learning.

Because of its simple and long-term validity, it also offers promotes customer retention for students as returning customers.

Real-time integration of SWITCH edu-ID data in IAM system

To help universities using midPoint from EVOLVEUM as their Identity Access Management (IAM) solution that wish to integrate edu-ID management into their IAM system, ITConcepts has sponsored a connector for the real-time integration of data into midPoint. The SWITCH edu-ID Affiliation Connector can be downloaded free of charge from the EVOLVEUM website and used on the universities’ website to establish a connection to the SWITCH service.

SWITCH offers an Affiliation API service that is used by the Connector to create, edit or delete the edu-ID data of students stored at SWITCH.

For whom is the Connector suitable?

The SWITCH edu-ID Affiliation Connector is suitable for all universities that already use or intend to use midPoint from EVOLVEUM.

How does ITConcepts support integration?

An IAM system is highly complex, and ITConcepts helps with the integration and configuration of the entire system, especially the configuration of the SWITCH edu-ID Affiliation Connector.

View the Success Story of our client, Zurich University of the Arts to find out how the SWITCH edu-ID was successfully introduced at the end of last year.

E-Book Identity Access Management with MidPoint

In this practical E-book, which was written by engineers for engineers, you can find out more about the correct use of EVOLVEUM midPoint to construct a practical identity management solution.

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