AIOps: Artificial intelligence for IT operations

Experience the power of AI software: improve your business results and optimise processes through the use of intelligent technology. Discover the possibilities now.


  • Solve problems before they affect your business: By using predictive alerts to see what’s ahead, you can act quickly to prevent unexpected outages and ensure uninterrupted performance and availability.
  • Make better decisions: Distinguish real and potential problems from false alarms, ensure the right use of resources while controlling costs, and plan effectively for the future.
  • Connect to the enterprise: Integrate the mainframe with secure open borders.
  • Connect the transition of a new generation: With intelligent automation, embedded expertise and an intuitive user interface, your newest employees can work as effectively as seasoned professionals.

Weiterentwicklung und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit dank AIOps

Companies need to rely on intelligent, technology-enabled systems in every part of the business to keep pace with radical change; in short, they need to become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

Our AIOps solutions support you on the path to an Autonomous Digital Enterprise with efficient methods and service improvements that bring the following benefits:

  • Excellent customer satisfaction
  • Fast, high-quality delivery of products and services
  • Cost savings
  • Innovation opportunities
  • Staff collaboration and productivity
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  • Simplifying management for a changing mainframe workforce
  • Avoidance of service interruptions through AI-supported proactive problem solving
  • Use data analytics to make better decisions faster

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