Why Control-M?

  • 80% reduction in workflow deployment time
  • Fewer manual tasks
  • Reduction in administration costs
  • Up to 50% reduction in administration time

BMC Control-M Workload Automation

Control-M workload automation for Digital Enterprise Management simplifies and automates various batch application workloads while reducing error rates, improving SLAs and accelerating application delivery.

BMC Control-M highlights

  • Automated agent and client deployment
  • Real-time analysis
  • Maximised uptime for the production environment
  • Protection against data loss and assured business continuity
  • Automated job handover from test to production

Automate IT processes with Control-M

Even in small and medium-sized enterprises, there is often a high workload. Various tasks have to be completed that are of great importance for both the company and the customer. In order to efficiently plan and optimise workflows, programmes are required to handle these tasks or at least assist with workload optimisation. Control-M is the BMC software developed specifically for these requirements.

Give Your Organization Freedom within the Orchestration Framework (1:20

Airflow integration

  • Integration: Unified orchestration and end-to-end visibility of Airflow DAG runs, and Control-M data and application workflows.
  • Advanced orchestration: All Control-M functions that are available to data teams can be integrated into Airflow.
  • Self-service access: Airflow pipelines can be accessed by IT departments, developers, engineers and business users.
Airflow Integration


ITConcepts implemented a generator for us that made it possible to mostly automate the change of job scheduler to Control-M.

ITConcepts helped us to automate programme distribution with Control-M. This gives us flexible, dynamic and transparent control over various types of distribution via job scheduling from the CMDB using RfC. This has allowed errors to be minimised and downtime reduced. Optimal use of the change process is thus enabled.

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