Our solution gives you control over the permissions you grant to identities (employees, students, external partners, etc.) on your IT systems. You won’t require any additional infrastructure as all data is stored in Switzerland and the service is also operated from Switzerland.


Ask yourself the following questions to see if this solution is right for you:

  • Do you need to manually create users (e.g. in an Active Directory or M365)?
  • Do new employees have access problems on their first day at work?
  • Can unauthorised parties access your data without you noticing?
  • Can former employees continue to access your data without you noticing?
  • Do your software developers have access to production data?
  • Do you have trouble quickly and spontaneously creating a full compliance report on access permissions?
  • Do you already use an IAM solution in your infrastructure and want to move to a cloud-based solution?

If you answered one or more questions with ‘Yes’, our solution can help you.


iamaas Wheels

Response time

Mutations to accounts are much faster as they are largely automated.


Human errors are excluded from mutations as the connected target systems (e.g. Active Directory or M365) automatically receive accounts and lose them once they are no longer required.


Receive analyses of your employees’ access permissions. These may also be created regularly and automatically, for example with a list of all employee permissions. Certification campaigns also enable you to regularly check which permission changes are required if anything changes within your organisational structure.

Cost savings

The time saved on mutations and avoiding security breaches minimises expenditure and allows for a clearer overview of the costs incurred.

Low operating costs

By leasing the IAM system with a predictable, recurring fee, you won’t have to handle its operation or provide additional hardware resources.


Price in CHF excluding VAT.

The initial costs include the basic setup with two tenants (development and production)

The minimum amount covers the cloud infrastructure costs

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