As an experienced IT specialist, we accompany you with customised consulting services – from the initial consultation, installation and implementation to training and support services. Thanks to our holistic approach, we always have the entire IT project in view and take your individual and industry-specific requirements into account.

Depending on the complexity and the task, we use proven methods of classic and agile project management. Our experienced project managers accompany you continuously with customer-oriented IT consulting. In this way, we recognise undesirable developments at an early stage and save time and costs. By using certified methods according to ITIL v3 and ISO 20000, we succeed in sustainably optimising processes and increasing the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

Our competencies

Your benefits

  • Requirement analysis
  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Inventory of relevant information and current IT processes with regard to digitalisation
  • Review of current IT service management solutions
  • Alignment of IT requirements and goals
  • Optimisation of existing IT processes
  • Developing new processes according to ITIL guidelines
  • Advice on the choice of suitable ITSM software
  • Digitalisation for the end customer
  • Introduction of the new ITSM processes into your infrastructure
  • Replacement of unprofitable solutions
  • Process optimisation for a profitable ITSM solution
  • ITSM solution and digital workplace
  • Ongoing consulting for new IT concepts and investments
  • IT further education and IT training for system administrators
  • Regular support and software updates

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IT consulting with ITConcepts

Our IT management consultancy is characterised by a holistic consultancy approach with consistent customer orientation. This means we support you precisely with the services you need to build a functioning, efficient IT infrastructure in your company.

What makes good IT consulting?

Good IT consultancy can be recognised by various characteristics: In addition to the customer-oriented focus and the holistic consulting approach, IT consulting also focuses on methods. By applying certified methods according to ITIL v3 and ISO 20000, it is possible to sustainably optimise processes and noticeably increase the efficiency of IT.

  • Wettbewerbsvorteil
  • Competitive advantage
  • Access to markets
  • Higher productivity
  • Continual improvement

ISO 2000

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The ISO 20000 – international standard for ITSM

As an internationally recognised standard for IT service management, ISO 20000 describes requirements, processes and methods for the provision of IT services in a defined quality. ISO/IEC 2000 consists of five parts, whereby the first two parts are the actual standard, while parts 3 to 5 are to be seen as supplements.

In terms of content, ISO 20000 is primarily concerned with the quality and efficiency of defined IT processes. The standard stipulates that IT services must function as smoothly as possible, have a clear structure and be checked regularly. The standard’s process-oriented approach enables companies to use time and human resources sparingly while meeting a high quality standard.

In the practical implementation of ISO 20000 methods, the second section of the standard is particularly relevant. This describes proven best practices that help in the implementation of ITSM measures.

In the course of our IT consulting, we first record all IT services provided by our customers. We then compare these with the specific customer requirements for the services and thus gain a complete overview. The findings serve as a basis for introducing new IT services or optimising existing ones.

ITIL v3 – Best practice guide for ITSM

While the ISO 20000 standard primarily addresses the management system of companies, ITIL is to be seen as the world’s leading best practice guide for IT service management. The standard aims to increase the efficiency and quality of IT services. The process-based approach of ITIL v3 covers the entire service lifecycle, from strategic alignment and customer requirement intake to implementation and continuous improvement.

ITIL v3 essentially describes the following five processes:

In connection with the ITIL v3 standard, the principle of continuous service improvement must also be taken into account. This aims to consistently improve the service process.

Request fulfilment

Provides users with a single point of contact for enquiries and complaints as part of the service desk.

Incident management

Regulates the reception and handling of incoming fault reports and user requests.

Event management

Categorises the importance and urgency of faults and requests in order to pass them on to the service desk.

Problem management

Records the causes of disruptions and eliminates them – either through temporary solutions or through permanent solutions, depending on the problem.

Access management

Grants authorisation to users to use services.

ITIL Service Lifecycle

Do you need support in implementing complex IT projects in your company?

Would you like to sustainably increase the efficiency and quality of your IT infrastructure?

Then ITConcepts is the right contact. As a specialised IT management consultancy, we support you with customised consulting services – from stocktaking to implementation and operation. Contact us and make an appointment for a personal consultation.

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Questions about IT Consultants

What is an IT consultant?

An IT consultant or IT advisor supports companies in the introduction and further development as well as the operation of IT systems. Working as an IT consultant requires a sound knowledge of computer science, software technology and, depending on the position, business administration.

What are the tasks of an IT consultant?

IT consultants usually work on a project basis: They analyse the technical and economic characteristics of IT projects, advise companies on the planning of software or hardware introductions and support the implementation of new IT systems. In addition, training courses and seminars are also part of the IT consultant’s classic area of responsibility.

What are the benefits of IT consulting?

Through IT consulting, companies can draw on the expertise and experience of qualified IT specialists and thus implement even complex and security-critical IT projects efficiently and securely. IT consulting also makes it possible to look at internal IT processes from an objective and independent point of view.

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