The planning, management and implementation of complex IT projects requires organisational and coordination skills in addition to IT technical expertise. Good IT project management therefore combines sound computer science know-how with the controlling elements of project management.

IT project management consulting is positioned directly at the interface between application development and users. So when introducing a new software solution, IT project management works closely with the software developer and the specialist departments involved. By combining this with individual IT process consulting, it is possible to identify deviations in the course of the project at an early stage and take appropriate measures.

IT project management consulting and management with ITConcepts

As an experienced specialist for IT project management consulting, we realise complex IT projects with a holistic approach: We take on the role of IT project manager and support you throughout the entire project with customised consulting services. Through the combination of IT project management and consulting, we succeed in providing you with optimal support in each of the IT project management phases and ensuring the success of the project.

Our services – your added value:

  • Individual IT process consulting in all phases of the IT project
  • Plan, organise and control complex IT projects
  • Coordinate involved employees, specialist departments and external service providers
  • Quality assurance through external controlling
  • On-time and on-budget implementation of IT projects
  • Professional documentation

Classic vs. agile IT project management – advantages and disadvantages

Your benefits

  • Consulting
  • Working ou Pain Points
  • “Classic or agile?” – this question is of great importance in IT project management. As both methods offer certain advantages and disadvantages depending on the project. From the perspective of IT project management consulting, it is therefore important to acquire sound methodological competence and to be able to choose between both approaches depending on the situation.
  • Classic vs. agile project management – which methodology is the right one? The advantages of classic project management lie in its clear structuring: A responsible project manager supervises a fixed team and pursues a firmly defined goal. It divides the course of the project into intermediate steps and sets milestones. Traditional project management always works when the project can be planned in detail from the beginning and implemented accordingly.
  • Agile methods, on the other hand, assume a dynamic environment with complex, constantly changing challenges. To cope with these, agile IT project management uses an iterative-incremental approach. Excellent teamwork, high responsiveness and continuous improvement enable us to successfully implement dynamic projects with short planning horizons.

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