What is client management and how does it work?

As a methodical approach, the term client management encompasses all measures for managing and controlling the IT infrastructure. This includes in particular the distribution and installation of hardware and software, licences or operating systems.

The typical areas of responsibility of client management are:

  • Software management
  • Hardware management
  • Licence management
  • Inventory
  • Device management
  • Operating system distribution
  • Mobile device management

The core tasks of client management also include determining the needs of the users, categorising the requirements and defining processes for setting up and maintaining the IT infrastructure.

Especially in larger companies, the client infrastructure is characterised by very heterogeneous and diverse requirements. By using hardware of different manufacturers and types as well as diverse software solutions, each client has individual and unique needs. As a result of this heterogeneous structure, client management is particularly time-consuming and costly.

Modern client management software starts precisely here and aims to manage complex client infrastructures uniformly and efficiently and to ensure high service quality and availability. A functioning client management system simultaneously offers interfaces to IT service management (ITSM) and thus allows the client management software to be integrated into other systems.

ITConcepts accompanies you as an experienced consultant and IT specialist in all matters of client management. Whether software management, device management or inventory – we find the optimal solution for your individual requirements and support you throughout the entire implementation process.

The advantages of good client management

A professional client management system facilitates the central administration of all clients and relieves the IT in their daily work. By customising the client management software to the needs of the company, it is possible to sustainably improve the reliability and availability of IT services.

The advantages at a glance:


Client management allows the IT department to keep an eye on the company’s entire IT infra-structure at all times. The centralised approach makes it possible for an IT staff member to install and support new software remotely without being on site.


The automated allocation of installations, configurations, maintenance and updates makes it possible to professionally manage a large number of computers with little effort. This allows employees to work more productively while noticeably relieving the IT department.

Help desk

The uniform supply of the client systems significantly facilitates the support of the end users. The result is fast IT response times and higher employee satisfaction.

Automated application discovery and dependency mapping are essential for business success

Ensure that users in the organisation can access necessary applications and services at the right time.

  • A single central source for the documentation of your application dependencies
  • Increase the efficiency of the Change Advisory Board with trusted data for impact analysis
  • Prioritise tickets based on the business impact of an application and route accordingly
  • Identify weaknesses in the infrastructure to avoid problems.
  • Reduce manual effort in capturing configuration data

BMC Client Management

BMC Client Management provides distributed endpoint management (mobile devices, laptops, desktops and servers) and helps IT deliver outstanding service while minimising costs, maintaining compliance and reducing security risks.

Highlights of BMC Client Management

  • Software checks without manual overhead
  • Reduction of data vulnerabilities and financial risks through the automation of software patches
  • Discovery of all clients and edge devices
  • Easy management of software permissions to avoid unnecessary deployments and additional expenses

Product details for BMC Client Management

Discovery & inventory

Automate inventory tracking to guide investment decisions, reduce manual processes and ensure compliance.

OS & application deployment

Deploy, migrate and patch software with ease to keep all systems secure and up to date.

Software licence management

Reduce costly audit deficiencies by getting an overview of software licence usage and associated financial liabilities.

Patch management

You can assess, manage, deploy and analyse patches to ensure your systems are secure and the integrity of your business is never compromised.

Event management

Planning and managing the execution of all tasks.

Policy compliance

Reduce the burden of monitoring IT assets and defining policies, and provide auditors with compliance level records from a centralised console. Client management is a Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) v1.2 validated product.


Automated monitoring, control and updates of all major anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

Remote management

Identify and solve PC problems without leaving your workplace.

Power management

Reduce PC energy consumption and establish ROI/TCO with finely scaled power management settings.

Geräte management

Define and enforce usage policies, including what content is available to upload or download, and track events and activities for all assets.

Patch management and support – ITConcepts supports all along the line

Patch management plays a key role in ensuring IT security in the company. The aim of patch management is to effectively prevent the spread of malware by malware programmers. For this purpose, IT uses socalled patches that close security gaps and protect the clients’ operating systems and applications from attacks. As a particularly security-relevant part of client management, patch management should be given high priority.

ITConcepts advises you competently and individually on the implementation of a suitable patch management. We show you how you can optimise the service quality of your IT department and effectively protect your company against malicious malware through efficient and professional remote administration. We always address your individual, industry-specific needs and configure the client management system specifically for your requirements.

Success Story

ITConcepts actively supports us in the technical development of the IAM application, which is based on the Sailpoint IIQ platform.

Your client infrastructure has become increasingly confusing due to the many different types of hardware and software?

The quality of your IT services has declined due to the complex IT infrastructure? You would like to relieve your IT department?

Then it is time to implement a client management system that is specifically tailored to your individual needs. Our client management specialists support you with customised solutions and show you how to specifically reduce costs, increase IT security and relieve your IT department.

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