What is ITSI and AIOps?

The terms Information Technology Service Intelligence (ITSI) and Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) describe procedures and methods for analysing and monitoring IT infrastructures with the help of artificial intelligence.

ITSI tools use advanced analytical approaches to capture complex IT environments and assess network events from a service perspective. The primary goal of the ITSI approach is to optimise the quality of IT services by continuously evaluating data and deriving trends and recommendations for action. The approach is characterised above all by a proactive methodology in which IT administrators can take appropriate, data-driven measures at an early stage.

In the context of modern ITSI tools, the AIOps term plays an important role: AIOps platforms enable the extraction and analysis of large amounts of data from different IT environments and devices through Machine Learning and Big Data. Thanks to ever greater computing power, it is possible to analyse all relevant data from various sources in real time and make it available to IT management in the form of user-friendly visualisations.

From a business perspective, the use of ITSI and AIOps has the potential to largely automate the analysis of important IT and business data and to use it for effective performance monitoring. Thanks to AI-supported evaluation methods, IT in particular benefits from a considerable reduction in workload and can support strategic business development with sound, data-based insights.

ITConcepts has many years of experience as an IT specialist and consultant in the implementation of ITSI tools and AIOps applications in companies. We accompany you from the initial needs assessment to the customisation of the software solution and ensuring smooth operation.

Automated application discovery and dependency mapping are essential for business success

Ensure that users in the organisation can access necessary applications and services at the right time.

  • A single central source for the documentation of your application dependencies
  • Increase the efficiency of the Change Advisory Board with trusted data for impact analysis
  • Prioritise tickets based on the business impact of an application and route accordingly
  • Identify weaknesses in the infrastructure to avoid problems.
  • Reduce manual effort in capturing configuration data

Splunk Enterprise – machine data rethought

The log management software Splunk Enterprise supports companies as a cloud-based platform in the management and analysis of machine data. The tool uses advanced AI-powered analytics to allow users to visualise data, capture relevant performance metrics and automate reporting in real time. Managers and IT staff are informed about operational performance data, important events and alerts via user-friendly, customised dashboards.

Splunk Enterprise is a powerful monitoring and analysis tool for a wide range of industries and enables valuable operational intelligence to be extracted from machine data.

The functions and advantages at a glance:

  • Identify trends, patterns and correlations in large data sets from different sources
  • Derive sound recommendations for action and make strategic, data-based decisions
  • Optimise business processes sustainably and systematically
  • Visualise complex issues and contexts in a visually appealing way
  • Monitor systems and infrastructures in real time
  • React proactively to trends and events

ITConcepts supports you on all questions around the implementation of Splunk Enterprise. Thanks to years of experience, we are able to tailor the functionality of the software precisely to your needs in order to fully exploit the potential of your operational intelligence.

The advantages of good client management

A professional client management system facilitates the central administration of all clients and relieves the IT in their daily work. By customising the client management software to the needs of the company, it is possible to sustainably improve the reliability and availability of IT services.

The advantages at a glance:


Client management allows the IT department to keep an eye on the company’s entire IT infrastructure at all times. The centralised approach makes it possible for an IT staff member to install and support new software remotely without being on site.


The automated allocation of installations, configurations, maintenance and updates makes it possible to professionally manage a large number of computers with little effort. This allows employees to work more productively while noticeably relieving the IT department.

Help desk

The uniform supply of the client systems significantly facilitates the support of the end users. The result is fast IT response times and higher employee satisfaction.

AIOps with Splunk Enterprise

With its powerful Enterprise software, Splunk harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) to systematically evaluate and analyse data through machine learning and other advanced analytics. The tool focuses on combining machine data with AI approaches to detect patterns and anomalies, analyse causes, identify problems and derive correlations. From the company’s point of view, this means: IT organisations can use Splunk Enterprise to access in-depth insights into their own company’s operational processes. This makes it possible to react proactively to impending business interruptions and effectively prevent costly outages. With end-to-end transparency across all data, you benefit from stable and reliable IT operations.

In this context, the noticeable relief of the IT is also important: The automated, AI-powered analysis methods allow IT departments to focus on effective problem solving and not waste time on laborious, manual data analysis.

Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise enables monitoring and analysis of everything from clickstream data and customer transactions to security events and network activity, pulling valuable operational intelligence from your machine data. Thanks to the full range of powerful searches, visualisations and predefined content for use cases, users can quickly gain and share insights.

Highlights of Splunk Enterprise

  • Search and analyse data from any source
  • Real-time monitoring of systems and infrastructure
  • Recognition of trends and patterns of activity and behaviour
  • Optimisation of business processes and results
  • Download the Splunk overview app to get to know the new features

Splunk IT Service Intelligence ITSI

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a monitoring and analytics solution that provides complete visibility into IT and business services – so you can ensure your applications and services are available. Splunk ITSI uses aritifical intelligence (AI), which can help predict failures. This impacts your IT service management and prioritises the resolution of issues that have a critical impact on the business. In short, you get insights that help you make better and more informed IT and business decisions.

Highlights of Splunk IT Service Intelligence ITSI

  • Provides a centralised view of critical IT services for powerful and data-protected monitoring
  • Identifies key areas and assigns critical services to specific KPIs
  • Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect patterns
  • Provides business and service context to prioritise incident investigations and comparisons
  • Implementing drill downs quickly addresses outages and service disruptions, resolving issues faster

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