As part of IT management, network management plays a central role in the monitoring, control and administration of networks. A functioning network management identifies, reports and corrects errors, collects performance data and configures the parameters of the network components.

In times of increasingly complex IT networks, companies are increasingly using special network management software to manage their networks. Entuity Network Management is one of the most powerful network management tools and contributes specifically to reducing downtime in networks.

As one of the most comprehensive software solutions, Entuity Network Management supports IT managers and administrators with numerous functions:

  • Identify and capture network infrastructures
  • Provision of information about network components
  • Efficiently add and certify new units
  • Fault and performance management to reduce downtime
  • Output of real-time messages

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What is network management?

Network management has the task of monitoring, controlling and administering the network infrastructure. Network management is referred to as operation, administration and maintenance (OAM). The functional tasks of network management are defined in the FCAPS model according to ISO. 

As an important part of network management, network monitoring is responsible for monitoring the network. Routers, switches, connections and services are continuously checked for their functionality in order to be able to react efficiently to network failures. Experts distinguish between internal and external monitoring: In an internal system, the components themselves provide information about their status, whereas in an external system, connected devices are responsible for this.

In practice, special protocols are often used for monitoring IP networks. This includes, for example, the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which enables the monitoring, control and configuration of network elements through the exchange of data packets.

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The FCAPS model

The FCAPS model developed by ISO describes the functional tasks of network management. The sequence of letters FCAPS refers to the first letters of the five main tasks:

  • (F) Fault management = Identifying, logging, reporting and correcting fault conditions
  • (C) Configuration management = Recording of all components to be monitored in the network
  • (A) Accounting management = Recording of network usage as the basis for invoicing
  • (P) Performance management = Collecting and analysing performance data to monitor network stability
  • (S) Security management = Allocation of access and usage rights as well as authentication of users in the network

In practice, real network management tools often support only part of these functions. Depending on the complexity and size of the network, open or proprietary network management software is used.

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