What is IT security?

The term IT security refers to all technical and organisational measures to protect IT systems from damage and threats. In the business context, these measures range from individual files to networks, end devices, servers and cloud services to entire data centres.

IT security essentially pursues three goals:

  • Ensuring the availability of information and systems
  • Preserving the confidentiality of information and systems
  • Ensuring the integrity of information and systems

In the modern business world, all devices and applications are usually linked via networks and often also connected to the internet – in this context, measures against external cyber threats such as hacker attacks in particular are an important part of IT security. Internal security risks such as unauthorised access to data by own employees are also increasingly in focus.

Why IT security is so important for your company

The sharp increase in the number of cyber attacks on companies means that IT security is steadily gaining in importance. In addition to legal regulations, it is above all economic considerations that speak in favour of investing in the IT security of one’s own company. 

The most important reasons at a glance:

Protection against cyber attacks

Cyber attacks aim to weaken or damage IT components or the entire IT infrastructure of the company. Such attacks, which in practice are carried out via Trojans or ransomware, for example, can have serious economic consequences. The consequences of cyber attacks range from disruptions in business operations and legal disputes to damage to the company’s image and loss of trust.

Legal requirements

The protection of sensitive, personal employee and customer data is required by law and therefore enjoys the highest priority in the company. Companies must adhere to the applicable data protection laws and ensure compliance with them through appropriate measures. In addition, there are sector-specific requirements that apply, for example, to the food industry, water supply or finance.


Protecting sensitive data ensures the market’s trust in your company. Customers assume that their data is safe on the servers – the loss of this data due to inadequate IT security results in irreparable damage to their image.

Access management

Two out of three security breaches are triggered by incorrect internal rights assignments. Identity and Access Management (IAM), which is responsible for managing identities and access rights, is therefore a central component of IT security. With a functioning IAM system, companies ensure that data is only available to authorised groups of people. 

1/4 of Swiss SMEs were victims of a serious cyber attack

12,930 SMEs out of 38,250 experienced financial consequences

every 10th attack resulted in reputational damage and/or loss of customer data


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Within the framework of the OVDA (Access Rights Organisation and Verification Project), the Central Compensation Office (ZAS) has used ITConcepts to implement the IdentityIQ application. In this context, the ZAS is satisfied with the service provided.

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