What is data governance and data access governance?

The term data governance describes the organisational framework for using information and data in a company. This particularly includes processes, guidelines and responsibilities that standardise how data are handled. Data governance strategies are becoming increasingly important in a data-driven business environment.

Data access governance is concerned with access permissions to data in the company. Against the backdrop of statutory data protection requirements, compliance specifications and the threat of cyber-attacks, it is vitally important these days to protect sensitive and security-related data. The aim of the data access governance strategy is to offer consistent, automated, secure administration of access permissions.

The data access governance challenge – secure data access administration with ITConcepts

From a business perspective, secure data access that complies with the relevant policies is a technical, organisational and legal challenge. In a constantly evolving environment with changing specifications, data access governance plays a key role in handling large volumes of data.

The key to effective, reliable and secure access management lies in modern, user-friendly software solutions. The latest tools can be customised to meet the needs of your business and resolve the main challenges of data access governance:

Access control

Who has what access permissions for which data in the company? This central question can be answered transparently with a powerful data access governance tool. Companies are also given full control over all permissions at all times.

Individual access control

Companies often protect particularly sensitive data records by severely restricting access. The result is that valuable data cannot be used for strategic business development. Modern data governance tools allow anonymised, filtered provision of sensitive data so new potential can be fully exploited.


Big data involves processing, analysing and evaluating massive volumes of data on a daily basis. There can often be a lack of visibility about which user groups have used which data for which purposes. A powerful data governance tool allows greater transparency in terms of how your data is used.

Provision of data

In many companies, data exports are done using shadow IT systems. Employees use insecure and inefficient data provision methods to circumvent checks and restrictions. With an appropriate tool, you can put an end to shadow IT operations and offer a systematic, compliant supply of data.

As experienced IT specialists and consultants, we will help you with the configuration and implementation of powerful data governance tools in your company. Thanks to decades of experience, we understand the specific challenges in your company’s business sector, and we can develop customised solutions to meet your requirements.

We will support you from the initial consultation, through the planning and implementation of software solutions, right up to system operation. We also offer individual training courses for your employees. Discover the benefits of SailPoint software solutions and use them to your advantage.

Automated application discovery and dependency mapping are essential for business success

Ensure that users in the organisation can access necessary applications and services at the right time.

  • A single central source for documenting your application dependencies
  • Increase the efficiency of the Change Advisory Board with trustworthy data for impact analysis
  • Prioritise tickets according to the business impact of an application and route them accordingly
  • Identify weak points in the infrastructure in order to avoid probIems
  • Less manual effort for the collection of configuration data

SailPoint Security IQ

SecurityIQ allows companies to manage and control access to unstructured data centrally by using consistent administrative processes, guidelines and checks in all systems being operated on-site or in the cloud.

Highlights SailPoint Security IQ

  • Reduced risk of unauthorised access to sensitive data
  • Improved audit performance
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased productivity for IT staff

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