In a connected business world, more and more companies are using SaaS applications and moving processes to the cloud. The central administration of identities and access rights has thus become a highly complex task that companies can no longer fulfil without professional identity and access management (IAM).

Modern IAM systems are able to centrally manage and largely automate access to the various systems and applications. This makes it possible to grant business partners, customers or suppliers secure access to one’s own network. Professional IAM software is thus the basis for agility and efficiency in increasingly complex system environments with different providers.

When creating an IAM concept, it is important to tailor the scope of functions to the individual needs of the customer. Typical functions of identity and access management software include:

  • Authentication of users
  • Authorisation or assignment of rights
  • Provisioning – automated creation and allocation of accounts and entitlements
  • Single sign-on – possibility of one-time authentication for multiple systems
  • Workflows to control processes
  • Role system – automated allocation of authorisations to predefined roles
  • Self-service – independent request for services by the user

As an experienced specialist for IAM systems, we accompany you throughout the entire project phase – from consulting to planning and development to implementation. We create a customised IAM concept for you that is precisely tailored to your individual requirements. Through updates and customer-specific extensions, we bring your existing IAM system up to the latest state of the art.

Is your IT administration increasingly overburdened by the sudden increase in identities?

You use cloud and SaaS applications and want to reliably protect your network?

Then we have the right solution for you: With our innovative solution approaches for IAM systems, we address your individual needs and enable the secure and efficient management of identities and access rights. Please get in touch with us.

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Why is Identity and Access Management so important?

In times of increasingly complex network environments and growing cloud activities, a functioning identity and access management is essential from a certain company size onwards.

The most important reasons for using identity management software:

More security

A functioning IAM system protects the company network from unauthorised access and ensures secure exchange with external partners and customers.

Efficient working

Good IAM software works largely automatically and allows the company to achieve noticeable increases in efficiency in rights and access management.

Simple HR processes

With professional identity management software, you accompany the employee from the moment he or she joins the company, through the creation of the necessary accounts, to the moment he or she leaves


By defining roles, it is possible to assign authorisations automatically with the help of IAM software.

Data protection

With professional IAM software, you comply with the applicable data protection standards (GDPR).

Uniform policy

With IAM software, it is possible to apply a uniform security policy to all of the company’s devices and operating platforms.

Identity Management automatisiert Prozesse und senkt Kosten


wichtige Geschäftsmöglichkeiten scheitern an Sicherheitsbedenken.


Tage vergehen im Durchschnitt bis eine Sicherheitsverletzung erkannt wird.*


Sicherheitsverletzungen erfolgen durch Insider-Zugriffe.

*Quelle: Sailpoint

Our competencies

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  • Requirement analysis
  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Support
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“Sed ut ita ruant itaque negat opus esse vult, summumque malum dolorem, idque.”

  • Inventory of relevant information and current IT processes with regard to digitalisation
  • Review of current IT service management solutions
  • Alignment of IT requirements and goals
  • Optimisation of existing IT processes
  • Developing new processes according to ITIL guidelines
  • Advice on the choice of suitable ITSM software
  • Digitalisation for the end customer
  • Introduction of the new ITSM processes into your infrastructure
  • Replacement of unprofitable solutions
  • Process optimisation for a profitable ITSM solution
  • ITSM solution and digital workplace
  • Ongoing consulting for new IT concepts and investments
  • IT further education and IT training for system administrators
  • Regular support and software updates

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Plugins for SailPoint IdentityIQ

With our customised plug-ins for SailPoint IdentityIQ, we can meet your specific identity and access management requirements. We support you in the selection and implementation of suitable plug-ins.

Success Story

Im Rahmen des OVDA (Access Rights Organization and Verification Project) hat die Zentrale Ausgleichsstelle (ZAS) die ITConcepts zur Implementierung der IdentityIQ-Anwendung eingesetzt. Die ZAS ist in diesem Zusammenhang mit der erbrachten Leistung zufrieden.

Our IAM software partners

On the market for IAM software, numerous solutions are offered with a varying range of functions. As an independent IT consultant, we always offer you the solution that best suits your individual needs. To this end, we work closely with these renowned IAM software partners:

Depending on your specific requirements, we use the following software solutions from our IAM partners:

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