CMDB solutions and CMDB software

As the central database for IT service management, the configuration management database is the basis for high-quality IT customer service. The concept of the CMDB service aims to consolidate existing configuration item (CI) data in one place and thus make it available centrally.

CMDB solutions are particularly relevant in connection with the ITIL process framework. As an IT standard, ITIL describes best practices for the provision of IT services and defines the timeliness and availability of the data used as one of the key requirements. In practice, powerful CMDB software solutions are used to centrally bundle and manage configuration items.

The advantages of professional CMDB software:

  • Central management of configuration items from different sources
  • Ensure high compatibility between ITIL and CMDB
  • Quality assurance for IT customer service
  • Ensuring stable systems and applications
  • Full control over the service life cycle
  • Graphical visualisation of data for a better understanding of relationships and dependencies

BMC CMDB Software

The BMC CMDB software is a powerful tool for the central management of assets and services in the company. The database integrates data from a wide range of sources and makes it available in high quality in a user-friendly way.

Through numerous options for graphical visualisation, the CMDB service creates a better understanding of relationships and dependencies. At the same time, the scalable and individually customisable software offers the ideal prerequisites for taking processes into account in CMDB according to ITIL.

ITConcepts supports you as an experienced IT specialist and consultant in the implementation of the BMC CMDB software. We accompany you from the inventory through scaling and individual customisation of the CMDB software to operation.

Would you like to sustainably optimise your IT services and exploit the potential of powerful CMDB software?

Do you want full control over the service lifecycle in your company?

Then we are the right contact. We advise, support and accompany you during the implementation of a CMDB solution in your company. Our experienced IT specialists adapt the software to your individual needs.

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Step-by-step guide to building a CMDB

In our practical CMDB guide, we show you how to set up a powerful configuration management data-base in your company step by step. In doing so, the guide always closely follows the proven ITIL specifications to ensure the highest possible quality of your IT services. With practical guidance on structuring and detailed tips on the most important core issues, we provide you with valuable assistance for setting up a comprehensive and effective CMDB.

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