Modern self-services for the digital workplace

Employees expect the use of modern tools that allow them to quickly and easily find the information they need for their daily work – from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

Therefore, it is essential for companies to develop an exceptional employee satisfaction strategy to create a workplace where employees want to work every day.

BMC Digital Workplace enables organisations to improve agility, employee productivity and customer satisfaction by seamlessly connecting and unifying systems through a flexible and easy-to-use interface.

Automated application discovery and dependency mapping are essential for business success

Ensure that users in the organisation can access necessary applications and services at the right time.

  • A single central source for the documentation of your application dependencies
  • Increase the efficiency of the Change Advisory Board with trusted data for impact analysis
  • Prioritise tickets based on the business impact of an application and route accordingly
  • Identify weaknesses in the infrastructure to avoid problems.
  • Reduce manual effort in capturing configuration data

BMC Digital Workplace offers you:

Intuitive self-service

Self-service reduces calls to the service desk. A modern self-service reduces the volume of helpdesk calls by an average of 33°.

Cognitive chatbots across different channels

Employees can make requests for required services and resources via the channels they are used to, such as Slack, Skype, SMS, Web & Co – anywhere, at any time and on any device

Unified Enterprise Service catalogue

The Enterprise Service catalogue provides employees with a “one-stop shop experience” for all the products and services they need to do their jobs.

BMC Digital Workplace revolutionises the home office

With the coronavirus pandemic, the home office has suddenly taken on a whole new meaning for millions of workers. One thing is already certain: after corona, employees will continue to work from home and access the company’s IT services. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are under pressure from the trend towards home offices and need to make their helpdesk departments more digital and user-friendly.

This is exactly where the BMC Digital Workplace comes in, providing employees with a powerful, digital and user-friendly tool for optimal support in the home office. As a modular workplace solution, the tool offers fast and efficient help for every conceivable application: From ordering hardware and software to activating user accounts and making adjustments to databases, staff can take care of many issues themselves.

From a business perspective, the BMC Digital Workplace pays off in many ways: The modular, far-reaching functionality of the tool noticeably relieves the helpdesk staff. At the same time, employees in the home office are always able to work and achieve higher productivity.

2 hours of effort for manual reporting? Not with BMC Digital Workplace

The German Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss creates tailor-made products and services for the provision of first-class weather and climate services to the Swiss population and the international community. To better serve its users, MeteoSwiss saw a need for improvement in Ticket Entries and First Call Resolution Rates. In collaboration with us, MeteoSwiss launched the Digital Workplace mobile self-service app, which increases productivity through informal enquiries, context-sensitive services and social collaboration for the digital workplace, as well as Smart IT, BMC’s people-centric interface for ICT enablement, providing improved quality of data and services to users.

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Case Study

Das BMC Digital Workplace erweitert die Möglichkeiten der Digitalisierung und Automatisierung um unseren Service Desk. Das bedeutet einen höheren Service für unsere Mitarbeiter und Agenten und eine höhere Produktivität für den Service Desk

Would you like to provide your workforce with a modern, digital workplace and sustainably increase employee satisfaction?

Connecting IT services to the home office is a challenge for you? Would you like to noticeably relieve your IT helpdesk?

Then it is high time to implement an efficient digital workplace solution. As an experienced IT specialist and consultant, we help you to exploit the potential of digital transformation and increase the productivity of your employees with modern self-services. In doing so, we adapt the modular tools of the Digital Workplace precisely to your individual needs.

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