Whether a major corporation, an SME or a start-up, the probability that a company will use more than one API is extremely high. Integration platforms are of great significance within this ecosystem. An integration platform such as Jitterbit allows you to connect various applications with an interface (both cloud applications and OnPrem) within the shortest of time, to enable smooth data exchange, to create new interfaces, and access old data.

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Jitterbit uses powerful processing algorithms, with which large data quantities can be effortlessly transferred. As a result, projects can be shortened from months to weeks or days.


  • Fast and uncomplicated creation of new APIs.
  • Smooth linking of various applications via one platform.
  • Seamless access to data and different data formats from outdated sources.
  • Automation of all work and business processes.
  • Various API-dependent security levels for fraud prevention, which only grant access to the generated data to authorised personnel.


Nowadays, many corporate IT infrastructures are characterised by a high level of complexity. They consist of multiple different systems and applications, which work efficiently in isolation from one another. However, in order to offer you economic benefit, there must exist a smooth flow of information between these system. Unfortunately, there are often a number of hurdles in the way that prevent just that:

  • Old on-premise Legacy solutions, which are installed at a specific location, cannot integrate cloud-based applications.
  • There are a wide range of tasks within a company that cannot be performed by a single tool, or if they can, this is only possible using very expensive tools.
  • A new API must be developed from the ground up, or must be supplied by a third-party provider.
  • Every API must be managed or monitored and maintained by the third-party provider’s developer team.
  • What’s more, relevant data remains unused on old servers or databases, and can only be integrated into new systems with difficulty.
  • The manual creation and implementation of APIs is labour-intensive.


The Jitterbit API integration platform boosts your productivity. This way, hours that would normally be invested in the creation, management, monitoring and maintenance of APIs are made available for more productive tasks and for your core business.

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  • The cloud-based integration platform combines all modern Cloud and Legacy on-premise applications together.
  • The simple linking of tools developed by different departments within a company.
  • New APIs can be created on a modern graphic interface, with just a few clicks, enabling optimal use of technological investments, as well as the saving of time and money.
  • The setting up of new APIs, which enable the extraction of all types of data from existing old servers and databases.
  • Through the use of a unique platform, administrative costs can be reduced, and security and overview processes simplified.


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