Dataiku is a data science platform where your data team can work with your business experts to implement MLOps solutions. The platform allows data to be processed quickly and effectively to develop machine learning models and integrate these firmly into operational processes. The time from the first proof-of-concept to the produced MLOps project is thus minimised, so that you can unlock the full value of your data in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, Dataiku impresses users with its user-friendliness and can be seamlessly added to the existing data infrastructure. This makes it an excellent choice for companies interested in a robust, practical-to-use MLOps platform.

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Dataiku has many different features and tools that promote collaboration, facilitate data analysisand enable its effective use for your business success:

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Data Connectors

Data from cloud storages, SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, etc. can be processed effortlessly in Dataiku.

Data analysis

Dataiku offers a dedicated workspace specifically designed to perform exploratory data analysis.


Dataiku makes it possible to work in programming languages such as Python, R, SQL and Shell, in addition to visually supported data processing. Such code sequences can read and write data sets, independent of the storage backend.

Visualised data flow

The complexity of MLOps projects can quickly seem overwhelming. Dataiku visualises the data flow across all transformation steps and makes it possible to document them in the form of a wiki. This ensures that data and business experts can work together optimally at all times.

Machine Learning

In the Lab area, machine learning models can be synchronously trained and compared. The necessary configurations such as test/train splits, hyperparameter tuning, explainability, etc. can be set on a graphical user interface prepared for this purpose or programmatically.


For fully automated MLOps projects, Dataiku offers real-time API predictions, pipeline scheduling and alerting functions. Automated version control ensures that the integrity of the machine learning models is maintained.


Expert opinion

Gabriel Meier

Data Scientist

“Dataiku is the key that unlocks the power of data, transforming it into meaningful insights and driving innovation forward”

Expert opinion
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Dario Soldera

Teamleader New Technologies

“MLOps is the key to unleash the power of machine learning and enable seamless transition of models into production.”


We would be happy to discuss what MLOps could do for your company in a personal meeting. We can give you an initial picture of a suitable solution in our solution configurator.


We can support you in developing MLOps use cases and possible approaches to implement them in practice.


Do you need resources to implement MLOps use cases? We will be happy to implement these for you.


Once in production, the ML infrastructure must be regularly updated and optimised. We manage the entire MLOps life cycle for you

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As a certified partner of Dataiku, we have the opportunity to communicate directly with the manufacturer and benefit from resources reserved for partners. We use these advantages in a targeted manner when introducing and using the platform with you.

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