What is operation data analytics?

The term operation data analytics refers to operational analysis methods for evaluating large and diverse data sets in companies. The data can be structured, semi-structured or unstructured data from various sources.

Operation data analytics methods, as an important subset of big data analytics, aim to identify patterns and correlations. This analytical approach enables strategic and operational decisions to be made on the basis of well-founded corporate data and concrete recommendations for action to be derived.

Modern operation data analytics software is able to analyse data volumes in real time through advanced techniques, prepare them and make them available to the user.

Operation data analytics technologies differ from the classical methods of business intelligence (BI) mainly by an extensive automation of the analysis, the possibility to collect very large amounts of data and the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

What are the benefits of operation data analytics?

The individual uses and benefits of operation data analytics methods vary depending on the industry, size of the company and data basis.

The key benefits of Big Data analytics include:

More efficient data analysis

Compared to traditional BI analysis methods, operation data analytics software enables a highly efficient and fast form of data analysis. Companies can thus save personnel and time resources and reduce costs.

Sound decision making

Modern operation data analysis methods make it possible to derive well-founded recommendations for action and to make data-supported, objective decisions. Thanks to highly efficient analysis methods, decision-making succeeds in the shortest possible time.

Strategic business development

The automated evaluation of large amounts of data allows companies to draw conclusions about customer and market requirements and use them profitably for strategic business development.

Automated application discovery and dependency mapping are essential for business success

Ensure that users in the organisation can access necessary applications and services at the right time.

  • A single central source for the documentation of your application dependencies
  • Increase the efficiency of the Change Advisory Board with trusted data for impact analysis
  • Prioritise tickets based on the business impact of an application and route accordingly
  • Identify weaknesses in the infrastructure to avoid problems.
  • Reduce manual effort in capturing configuration data

Would you like to use the potential of operational data analysis methods for strategic decision-making?

Are you looking for ways to analyse large amounts of data efficiently and quickly? Would you like to derive well-founded, data-supported recommendations for action?

Then ITConcepts is the right contact. We support you in the introduction of modern operation data analytics software and provide you with a decisive competitive advantage. Contact us and get to know the possibilities of operation data analysis methods.

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Big Data Analytics solutions

We accompany you with more than 20 years of experience in the implementation and use of Operation Data Analytics software. With our help, you will be able to exploit the potential of data analysis methods for your strategic corporate development.

In the first step, we support you in sifting through the existing data basis in the company and taking a close look at current IT processes. Together with you, we define the goals of the operation data analyses and advise you on the possibilities of the various data analytics software solutions.

Of course, our specialists will also take over the complete implementation of the new IT processes and support you during the operating phase with further education, training, software updates and ongoing consulting services.

ITConcepts supports your company

  • Requirement analysis
  • Implementation
  • Consulting
  • Support
  • Inventory of relevant information and current IT processes
  • Review of current software solutions
  • Coordination of IT requirements and goals
  • Process optimisation and project management
  • Implementation of the new IT processes in your infrastructure
  • Process description
  • Optimisation of existing analytics services
  • Developing new solutions for machine data analysis
  • Advice on the choice of a new software solution
  • IT education and training for system administrators
  • Ongoing advice for new IT concepts and investments
  • Regular support and software updates

More successful with operation data analytics

The world is changing: The internet has paved the way into the digital age and led to extensive networking of people and objects. Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) allows us to tap into entirely new ways of using data and to make our lives ever more efficient and convenient.

Companies are facing major challenges due to rapid technological change – but at the same time, the ever-increasing amounts of data are also opening up unimagined opportunities. Operation data analytics methods enable a whole new form of decision making and product development. Those who recognise the huge potential of operation data early on and use it consistently will secure a major competitive advantage in an increasingly digital business world.

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