Digital Experience Management – Happy employees are efficient employees

Digital Experience Management aims to sustainably optimise the availability, functionality and efficiency of IT applications in the company. The digital experience is always viewed from the user’s perspective: All measures aim to make the user experience in the IT architecture as pleasant, comfortable and user-friendly as possible.

Digital experience management follows the guiding principle that a high-quality user experience leads to higher employee satisfaction and efficiency. From a company’s point of view, the implementation of a digital experience strategy is therefore important to sustainably increase productivity.

In practice, digital experience management starts at different points. On the one hand, it is important to ensure the availability and performance of IT applications at all times. On the other hand, the targeted monitoring of the digital experience allows a sustainable optimisation of the user experience. This involves tracing the employee’s digital journey step by step in order to identify problems and recognise potential for improvement.

Employee experience as a competitive factor

The term Employee Experience generally encompasses all strategies and measures to increase employee satisfaction in the company. In the context of digital experience management, employee experience aims to improve the user experience when dealing with IT applications. Modern approaches to enhancing the employee experience rely on a proactive role of the IT department: By systematically monitoring the user experience, weak points in the employee journey can be identified and remedied.

The concrete measures to improve the employee experience are varied and range from the provision of modern hardware and user-friendly tools to responsive helpdesks and user-friendly access systems. Working from the home office is of particular importance: For more and more companies, it is a matter of course that employees can access the network and use collaboration tools regardless of time and location. This requirement applies not only to the laptop, but also to all mobile end devices such as smartphones or tablets.

The targeted improvement of the employee experience offers companies the potential to sustainably increase employee satisfaction, efficiency and productivity. By identifying potential vulnerabilities proactively, the company can also defuse problems with IT applications in advance and noticeably relieve the IT department.

As a long-standing IT specialist and consultant, ITConcepts advises you on all aspects of the implementation of software solutions for digital experience management and accompanies you along the entire life cycle. We develop individual solutions tailored specifically to the needs of SMEs and support you with independent advice and in-depth analyses. By using modern tools such as Nexthink Digital Experience Management, we succeed in systematically and holistically optimising your employee experience.

Automated application discovery and dependency mapping are essential for business success

Ensure that users in the organisation can access necessary applications and services at the right time.

  • A single central source for documenting your application dependencies
  • Increase the efficiency of the Change Advisory Board with trustworthy data for impact analysis
  • Prioritise tickets according to the business impact of an application and route them accordingly
  • Identify weak points in the infrastructure in order to avoid probIems
  • Less manual effort for the collection of configuration data

Nexthink Digital Experience Management

Nexthink Digital Experience Management offers you added value for the most diverse challenges in IT management.
The software enables real-time analysis of all endpoints, users, applications and network connections, as well as visualisation of IT infrastructure and service delivery.

HighIights of Nexthink Digital Experience Management

  • Efficiently solve user problems
  • Increase user productivity – reduce operating costs
  • Early detection of abnormal behaviour
  • Efficient planning and execution of workstation changes, migrations or desktop visualisations

How Nexthink works

Thanks to the powerful Nexthink software solution, you can continuously monitor the employee experience of all employees at every workplace and automatically resolve IT problems. By using the software, it is possible to sustainably increase employee satisfaction and productivity in the company.

Overview of how Nexthink works

Focus on the employee

Nexthink puts itself in the user’s shoes and always evaluates the IT experience from the end user’s perspective. This makes it possible to identify any problems with the operation of collaboration tools or IT services at an early stage and to relieve the helpdesk of the IT department.

Collector-based monitoring

Nexthink collects valuable user experience information through a simple collector on all employee devices. By evaluating this data in an engine, a holistic assessment of the performance of IT applications is made.

Interpretation in real time

All collector data converges in the Nexthink Engine, allowing specialists in the IT and support teams to systematically improve the user experience. The user-friendly and clear portal visualises the performance of the IT applications and creates more transparency.

Bewerten Sie Ihre IT aus der Sicht des Anwenders

Das IT-Erlebnis der Mitarbeiter hat unmittelbaren Einfluss auf ihre Zufriedenheit und Produktivität für das Unternehmen.

Erfahren Sie in diesem Whitepaper, wie Sie mit dem Digital Experience Score Einblicke in das objektive, in Echtzeit gemessene Verhalten über die IT-Arbeitsplätze erhalten.

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