About 4me

The new IT service management solution is 4me. 4me was launched in 2012 and since then has grown not only around the ITIL core processes, but also supports KCS-based knowledge management, time recording and Earned Value Management (EVM) for project and portfolio management. Today, more than 1 million employees from many different companies rely on 4me’s self-service function when they require help from one of their organisation’s support divisions, such as HR, IT, purchasing, or facility management.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

4me is the first enterprise service management application that has been developed especially to support Service Integration and Management (SIAM).

SIAM is a management approach and allows for seamless collaboration between internal and external service providers within a company, while the service level of each party can be tracked in real-time. The unique functions that 4me offers for Service Integration and Management dramatically improve the success of selective outsourcing.

The self-service functions of 4me allow companies to offer their employees online support for all kinds of questions, problems, or tasks. 4me makes it easy for all functions that support the core business – such as IT, HR and finance – to increase their support efficiency and therefore improve the productivity of all employees.


  • A tool that fully supports a service-orientated approach
  • Seamless integration with other service providers without the development of expensive interfaces
  • Comprehensive possibilities for collaboration
  • 8-times faster compared to conventional tools (as measured by a 3G connection)
  • KCS-based knowledge management
  • A full CMDB is part of the product

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