About Dynatrace

Many of the world’s largest global companies rely on Dynatrace to streamline customer experience, accelerate innovation, and streamline IT operations with the highest levels of visibility and performance. Dynatrace has been the undisputed APM leader for several years. ITConcepts Switzerland is the software partner in Switzerland.

Dynatrace SaaS and Managed

Dynatrace’s Application Performance Monitoring Tool is a platform solution for measuring and optimizing the performance of applications (Java, .NET, PHP, C / C ++, etc.) and customer satisfaction. Available as both SaaS and managed solution, Dynatrace’s solution simplifies performance monitoring of complex cloud and enterprise IT environments.

Dynatrace is using causal AI technology to learn the “normal behavior” of an application. On this basis, Dynatrace proactively identifies the impact and potential impact of abnormal behavior on the customer environment and user experience. Monitoring the performance of their applications ensures high performance of their software. It has never been so easy to repair, accelerate and optimize your servers and software applications.


  • Low configuration effort when installing the system.
  • All transactions are monitored 24/7 down to code level
  • Monitoring from the user perspective through browser agents
  • Real-time root cause analysis using causal AI technology
  • Excellent user experience
  • Lifecycle Support – Dynatrace provides a single platform that can be used in the development, testing and production of the application

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