about Entuity

Entuity is an all-in-one enterprise class network management solution designed for the most demanding organizations worldwide.
Built from the ground up with dynamic networking environments in mind, Entuity provides deep, actionable insight, extensive
automation and an agile, unified architecture that frees users from the complexities of managing servers, interconnections and
databases. With the addition of SurePath Application Path Monitoring, Entuity can now consolidate high-quality application delivery
details with its network management for a powerful management strategy

Entuity Network Analytics

Your network consists of a multitude of devices which are provided by numerous different suppliers. Each device offers the various functions you need to keep the business running.

Entuity knows how important it is to support different network environments. This is why Entuity supports thousands of devices, used by hundreds of suppliers. If a device is not already included, it can be added quickly.


  • Reduction of network messages and events
  • The real-time proactive network analysis allows network errors to be identified and resolved quickly
  • Simple measurement of network data within a unified database
  • Updated device listings for your network resources
  • Comprehensive overview regarding your network, locally and globally
  • Tracking of important metrics within AWS, Azure and other private cloud technologies is possible

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