As a long-term partner of Splunk we have a wide range of experience. In addition to automated IT security solutions, Splunk also offers modern Artificial Intelligence (AIOps) solutions for small and large businesses.

Splunk Enterprise

By using Splunk Enterprise you make it easier to gain benefits from the largely unused value of your data produced by the infrastructure, security systems and business applications, and to collect it, analyse it and then apply it in a useful manner. Increase your operational performance and business results by gaining important insights into your Big Data.

Like to draw more value from your data? Splunk Enterprise collects data from any source such as protocols, clickstreams, sensors, streaming network traffic, web servers, user-defined applications, hypervisors, containers, social media and cloud services. With the aid of this data you are able to gain comprehensive insights into various use cases such as safety, IT operations and application.


  • Lower downtimes, improved customer experience and competitiveness
  • Get valuable insights from your structured and unstructured data
  • Take better and faster decisions with the aid of Machine Learning
  • Collecting and indexing machine data as well as triggering messages can be automated simply.
  • Access to business data irrespective of where it is stored.
  • Forecasts based on analyses and algorithms

Splunk SIEM Solution

Splunk SIEM Solution

Many older SEM solutions are unable to keep pace with the speed and progress of modern threats. Splunk SIEM, which is based on analyses, goes beyond simple information and event management and provides realt-time security monitoring, extended threat detection and incident management. With an analysis-oriented SIEM you will be able to build up a stronger security level and improve the cooperation between departments.

SIEM software (Security Information and Event Management) offers exciting possibilities, however older SIEMs are simply unable to keep up with the speed and complexity of today’s cyber attacks. These days, businesses need access to analysis-oriented SIEMs, which combine a Big Data platform optimised for machine data with advanced analysis, threat detection, monitoring tools, and tools for reacting to incidents and various forms of threat data.


  • Investigate the security data captured across your complete business. Splunk SIEM significantly improves the reaction to incidents.
  • Improve your security investigations by collecting, aggregating, simplifying and ordering your threat information from various sources.
  • Identify damaging activities efficiently, by rationalising your security processes, carrying out rapid checks with ad hoc searches as well as static, dynamic and visual interdependencies
  • By using a Big Data platform, a multitude of applications for SOC, SecOps and compliance can be scaled and dispensed with
  • Gain an insight into hybrid, cloud and on-premises services
  • Machine Learning rapidly identifies anomalies to optimise SecOps and reduce complexity

Splunk IT Service Intelligence ITSI

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a monitoring and analysis software solution which predicts problems and avoids them before they can negatively impact turnover and the customer experience.

With the aid of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Splunk ITSI collects a wide range of data types, tracks trends based on this data and delivers business-critical knowledge and predictions which IT departments need in order to avoid drops in service performance.


  • Rapid and preventive prediction of problems
  • Reduction of MTTR through event clustering
  • Machine Learning function with messaging
  • Holistic overview of all silos and services
  • Real-time insights into IT environment
  • Simple visualisation of KPIs


Schools and educational institutions

Use Splunk to secure all the personal data of your students and staff

Authorities / public administration

Impress your citizens with rapid automated process flows

Banks and financial institutions

Offer the best possible customer experience through the use of account monitoring

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