What is IT service management (ITSM)?

IT service management (ITSM) describes the implementation and management of IT services that meet the business needs of the organisation. Unlike the purely technology-driven approach of IT management, IT service management focuses on the quality of services and customer requirements. ITSM therefore has the task of supporting the business processes in the best possible way and ensuring a continuously high service quality with optimal efficiency and low costs.

Typical practical applications of ITSM systems include IT service desks, performance analytics applications, incident management solutions or asset management. When implementing IT service management, companies can follow the guidelines of recognised standards, including ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 in particular.

IT service management (ITSM) as a competitive factor

By implementing a professional ITSM system, companies manage to gain a competitive advantage in the digital and highly networked business world.

The advantages of ITSM at a glance:


ITSM focuses on customer requirements and IT services for customers. This makes it pos-sible to sustainably improve the quality of services.


The process-based approach of ITSM software solutions allows workflows to be managed more efficiently. IT professionals receive valuable support in their daily work through pro-fessional IT service management.


The efficient provision of services and processing of workflows saves time and financial re-sources.

Continual improvement

One of the most important aspects of an ITSM system is the guiding principle of continu-ous improvement: Through the continuous optimisation of processes, we succeed in sus-tainably improving IT productivity and the quality of services.


Modern ITSM solutions are able to visualise processes in a user-friendly way and thus pre-sent workflows in a comprehensible and simple way.

ESM ist das neue ITSM – Vorteile für Ihr Unternehmen

Die Vorteile moderner ESM-Ansätze im Überblick:

  • Effizienz
  • Standardisierung
  • Transparenz
  • Digitalisierung

  • Effiziente Bearbeitung von Service-Requests durch definierte Prozesse
  • Standardisierte und bewährte Vorgehensweise zur Bearbeitung von Tickets
  • Transparente und nachvollziehbare Bearbeitung von Problemen ausserhalb der IT-Infrastruktur
  • Verknüpfung analoger Problemstellungen mit digitalen Servicemethoden

Moderne Serviceansätze erweitern ITSM um Services und Prozesse, die weit über den IT-Bereich hinausgehen. Diese Ansätze werden unter dem Oberbegriff Enterprise Service Management zu-sammengefasst – ITSM ist somit als IT-bezogener Teilbereich des ESM zu verstehen.

Das Enterprise Service Management zielt darauf ab, die aus der IT bekannten Standards und Vorgaben wie ITIL auf sämtliche Dienstleistungen des Unternehmens zu erweitern. Dabei kann es sich beispielsweise um Prozesse der HR-Abteilung, um interne Dienstleistungen des Fachbereichs Controlling oder um Zugangskontrollen für Mitarbeiter handeln. Indem das aus der IT bekannte Ticketsystem auf weitere Abteilungen übertragen wird, kann die Effizienz der Prozesse nachhaltig gesteigert werden.

Our services

As an experienced specialist for IT service management systems, we accompany you from the requirements analysis through individual consulting and implementation to the operation of the ITSM system. We have extensive expertise in dealing with leading ITSM solutions and help you to sustainably improve the quality of your IT services. 

Our competencies

Your benefits at a glance

  • Requirements analysis
  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Support

  • Inventory of relevant information and current IT processes with regard to digitalisation
  • Review of current IT service management solutions
  • Alignment of IT requirements and goalsBestandesaufnahme der relevanten Informationen und aktuellen IT Prozesse hinsichtlich der Digitalisierung
  • Optimisation of existing IT processes
  • Developing new processes according to ITIL guidelines
  • Advice on the choice of suitable ITSM software
  • Digitalisation for the end customerInventory of relevant information and current IT processes with regard to digitalisation
  • Introduction of the new ITSM processes into your infrastructure
  • Replacement of unprofitable solutions
  • Process optimisation for a profitable ITSM solution
  • ITSM solution and digital workplace
  • Ongoing consulting for new IT concepts and investments
  • IT further education and IT training for system administrators
  • Regular support and software updates

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IT service management solutions

The increasing complexity of IT processes is a major challenge for your company. The operational business must be optimised and automated further and further so that your IT services can cover all customer requirements. With IT Service Management (ITSM), the IT organisation can automate and digitalise business processes. The advantages of ITSM are clear:

  • Lower IT costs
  • Optimise IT processes
  • Increase IT service quality

IT is now an integral part of every company

Companies in all sectors and of all sizes are nowadays dependent on IT and EDP solutions in order to map business processes smoothly and in line with the times. For many companies, especially if their core business is not IT-related, the development and provision of competent IT service management solutions is a challenge. lTConcepts takes this burden off your shoulders and advises you on the development of modern ITSM solutions for the challenges not only of today but also of tomorrow.

More efficient IT through optimised and automated processes

IT service management solutions do not always consist only of the configuration of hardware or ITSM software. It is just as important to communicate the new and optimised processes to your employees. We are also happy to support and advise you in this regard. Smooth dovetailing of your resources with a perfectly coordinated IT solution is only possible if your employees, as the most important interface between the worlds, are optimally trained and instructed.

Our ITSM software partner

Our consultants will be happy to answer any questions you may have

ITConcepts is your IT Service Management Partner

The advantages of ITSM are clear: Reduce IT costs, optimise processes, increase service quality, integrate services in a meaningful way and ensure compliance management. We at ITConcepts have been dealing with ITSM solutions since 1999 and support you competently and successfully in all questions concerning IT service management.

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